Are You Bored Enough to Practice? by Joanne Burrows


 20 solo piano pieces for Intermediate to Advanced Grades - Grades 4-6.
Each piece offers a number of technical challenges to assist students with classical and modern repertoire.
Each work may be used in a number of different ways to suit student development. For example:
Studies to work on and develop the student skills and musicianship
Quick Learn Pieces- learn and memorise one each week
Sight Reading Exercises
Performance Pieces
Grade 4: Dissonance Delight; Showing Off; Bored Enough Blues.
Grade 5: Funk Hole; Attitude Adjustment; Wasting Time Waltz; Funky Rumba Blues
Grade 6: Pentatonic Procrastination; Tarantella Tantrum; White Heather
Composed 2015

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Are You Bored Enough to Practice? - sheet music samples

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Australian Women Composers' Piano Anthology by various composers


Grades 4 - Dip.
15 piano works by Wirripang-published, Australian Women Composers 2014. 
Especially written and selected for this album as edited by Katie Zhukov and it includes a CD of each work recorded by Katie Zhukov. 
The aim of this new Australian Women Composers’ Piano Anthology is to provide a platform for both established as well as the emerging female composers. The new repertoire is written in a variety of styles (Classical, Romantic, 20h century and contemporary), and is suitable for intermediate-to-advanced students. 

1.    The Adventurous Platypus (Jenny Lee-Robins)  Grade 4, c.1'15
2.    Farewell (Jennifer Trynes) Grade 4, c.2'15
3.    Reflections in the Still Water (Barbara Durham) Grade 5, c.3'05
4.    Aslant a Brook (May Howlett) Grade 5, c.3'15
5.    Section 32 (Yvonne Barton-Leach) Grade 5, c.3'30
6.    Red Sky at Dawn (Joanne Burrows) Grade 6, c.3'50
7.    Raindrops (Carolyn Morris) Grade 6, c.3'25
8.    Triptych 3rd Movement (Christina Green) Grade 7, c1'20
9.    Soliloquy (Jocelyn E Kotchie) Grade 7, c.6'00
10.  Remnant (Nicole Murphy) Grade 8, c.3'25
11.  The Seduction of Andalucia (Amanda Handel) Grade 8, 4'10
12.  Retro Rag (Ann Carr-Boyd) Dip., c.5'45
13.  The Night Ship (Diana Blom) Dip., c.4'55
14.  Anywhere (Jane Hammond) Dip., c.5'10
15.  Music from a Quiet Place (Betty Beath) Dip, c.5'30

Download samples
The Adventurous Platypus - sheet music and audio
Farewell - sheet music and audio
Reflections in the Still Water - sheet music and audio
Aslant a Brook - sheet music and audio
Section 32 - sheet music and audio
Red Sky at Dawn- sheet music and audio
Raindrops - sheet music and audio
Triptych 3rd Movement - sheet music and audio
Soliloquy  - sheet music and audio
Remnant - sheet music and audio
The Seduction of Andalucia - sheet music and audio
Retro Rag - sheet music and audio
The Night Ship - sheet music and audio
Anywhere - sheet music and audio
Music from a Quiet Place - sheet music and audio







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Making My Own Music by Joanne Burrows

Teaching Resource

61 exercises in this collection for easy keyboard improvisation. It is a wonderful thing to be able to sit at the piano and make music. Improvising is like writing a letter or short story. Everyone can improvise, so encourage students not to be afraid to try and focus on enjoying the process rather than the product. Improvising is not about finding the next Bach, Mozart or Oscar Peterson, it is about freedom to make music. Remind students that simple is great and their ideas have merit. 
Making My Own Music provides a simple step-by-step process with suggested activities for the teacher and student to use to develop improvisation skills. The material can be used in the sequence given, or as the teacher and student choose. The exercises and repertoire in the book have been used very successfully with students of all ages from the very young to adult. For younger students with small hands make adaptations to the given ideas, for example: use two note chords instead of three.
The preface outlines the many ways the examples may be used and re-used as new skills are acquired. The unexpected of adding improvisation to each lesson and weekly practice at home significantly increases student motivation to play each day. Once students are at the piano, improvising and creating, it seems the scales, studies and pieces are practiced as well.  Compiled 2014

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 Making My Own Music - exercise samples








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Preliminary Grade Piano Technique by Lorna Menzies-Wall

Teaching resource

There may be several reasons why we wish to play the piano – to have fun, to give pleasure to others, or to show what we can do.  As we grow older, we realise the importance of paying due regard to the intentions of the composer, and the creation of the most beautiful TONE or the most appropriate effects by the control of TOUCH.  This is often called TECHNIQUE.
Our goal should always be to achieve the ultimate effect with least effort.  The cultivation of certain basic skills cannot begin too soon.  Following are some simple exercises which will make the playing of the earliest pieces most effective.  They cover:  
    Finger control and legato touch
    A balanced arm and staccato
    Thumb preparation for scales
    Two hand coordination for mixed touch
    Balanced tone between two hands
    Phrasing action in a two note slur
    Mixed touch in the fingers of one hand
    Balanced tone in the fingers of one hand – voicing.

Created 2015

 ISMN 9790720151281


Selected Australian Piano Works (ANZCA) 2009-2010 by


28 Selected Australian piano works on the 2009-2010 ANZCA piano syllabus in one album. Grades 2- L.Perf. Dip. 122 pages.
Grade 2
1.  Boogie Man Jack (from Jazamatazz album) - Jocelyn Kotchie
2.  Dragon's Lair (from Magical Mystical album) - Jocelyn Kotchie
3.  Boppy Bagatelle (from A Pinch of This .. A Dash of That album) Jocelyn Kotchie
4.  Meandering Mazurka  (from A Pinch of This .. A Dash of That album)
 Grade 3
5.  Jazzamatazz (from Jazamatazz album) - Jocelyn Kotchie
6.  Blacksmith's Anvil  (from Magical Mystical album) - J. Kotchie
7.  Mystic Journey  (from Magical Mystical album)
8.  A Change is Coming (from Music for the Heart and Soul album) - Mark Matthews
9.  Deeper (from Music for the Heart and Soul album)
10.  Thinking of You (from Music for the Heart and Soul album)
Grade 4
11.  Autumn Leaves (from Music for the Heart and Soul album) 
12.  Bitter Sweet (from Music for the Heart and Soul album)
13.  Emily's Etude (from Music for the Heart and Soul album)
Grade 5
14.  Sun Shower (from Piano Music album) - Amanda Handel
15.  Ceann-uidhe - Jocelyn Kotchie
Grade 6
16.  Rag for Razz - Ann Carr-Boyd
17.  Blue Bay (from Piano Music album) - Amanda Handel
18.   Battle of Camlann - Jocelyn Kotchie
19.  The Cycle Race  (from All at Sixes and Sevens) - Paul Paviour
20.  Daybreak - Phillip Wilcher
Grade 7
21.  Grasstree Hill - Ann Carr-Boyd
22.  Tiny Flower (from Piano Music album) - Amanda Handel
23.  Early in Autumn - Horace Keats
24.  Nocturne - Jocelyn Kotchie
25.  Leap Frog  (from All at Sixes and Sevens) - Paul Paviour
Grade 8
26.  Once I was Crazy Now I'm Just Mad - ( from solo piano album) - Frank Millward
Assoc Performer Diploma
27.  Summerhaze - Ann Carr-Boyd
Licentiate Performer Diploma
28.  Wind Chimes - Phillip Wilcher

A CD of most of these works will also accompnay the album

Sample sheet music of each of these works, together with many sound extracts, are found with individual listings

 ISMN 9790720093352


Sight Reading Adventures - Book 1, Grades 1 - 3 by Miriam Hyde

Teaching Resource

Sight reading for pianists from Grades 1 - 3.

Books for Grades 4-7 and  Polyphonic also available online and Grade 8 - Dip. will be available early.

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 Sight Reading Adventures - music samples


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Sight Reading Adventures - Book 2, Grades 4 - 7 by Miriam Hyde

Teaching Resource

Sight reading for pianists from Grades 4 - 7.

Books for Grades 1-3 and  Polyphonic also available online and Grade 8 - Dip. will be available early.

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Sight Reading Adventures - music samples

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Sight Reading Adventures - Book 3, Polyphonic by Miriam Hyde

Teaching Resource

Sight reading for pianists from Grades 5th and upwards.
This book offers a wide variety of styles, keys, rhythms and textures within one cover - supplement to Books 1 and 2. students from 5th Grade upwards could attempt and profit by these examples. Not only is a polyphonic sight reading test given in the more advanced exams, but there is a special art in reading such music, and a special value to be derived from it

Books for Grades 1-3, 4-7 also available, and books Grade 8-Dip. will be available in early 2016.

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Sight Reading Adventures - music samples

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Sight Reading Adventures - Book 4, Grades 8 - Dip. by Miriam Hyde

Teaching Resource

Piano,  Grade 8 - Dip.

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Sight Reading Adventures - Book 4 - sheet music sample


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Sight Reading Adventures - Supplement by Miriam Hyde

Teaching Resource

Sight reading for pianists
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 Sight Reading Adventures - Supplement -  sheet music sample

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Sight-reading for Advanced Pianists by various composers

Teaching Resource

Compiled and edited by Katie Zhukov
This new curriculum was developed to address lack of good sight-reading skills in many advanced pianists. It is based on research findings of a University of Queensland project that compared three different approaches to sight-reading training (accompanying, rhythm and style) and combined these into a single course. The new curriculum underwent two trials in four institutions and was refined following staff and student feedback. The students using this hybrid program had improved significantly in their sight-reading skills on completion of training.
The course consists of 10 weeks of materials that can be utilised in small-group tutorials or individual piano lessons. The curriculum can be used as a stand-alone elective course in sight-reading or as supplementary materials for keyboard skills or accompanying classes. Each week focuses on three areas: rhythm training, solo repertoire in four mainstream musical styles and duet playing. The pieces consist of examples from the traditional repertoire and are greatly varied in style: using artistically rich examples is a deliberate strategy, employed to increase student engagement with the process. The chosen works utilise a wide range of keys to address impact of key difficulty on sight-reading as highlighted by research. The level of difficulty is pitched 2-3 grades below advanced to correspond with typical sight-reading materials used by examining bodies. 

The feedback from teachers who trialled the curriculum has been very positive:

“An excellent source for teachers and students alike – well-structured and containing interesting material. My students were keen to improve their sight-reading and found this approach very helpful. I enjoyed playing the duets with them, and found that the whole process gave me greater insight into their individual strengths and weaknesses, which in turn enabled me to assist each student better.”
Dr Arabella Teniswood-Harvey
Conservatorium of Music
University of Tasmania

“Katie Zhukov’s Sight-Reading for Advanced Pianists fills a void in the current sight-reading literature that makes it required reading for all aspiring pianists and their teachers. Of especial interest are the numerous rhythmic exercises that not only consolidate essential sight-reading skills, but also bring interest and variety to scale/arpeggio practice.” 
Glenn Riddle
Lecturer in Keyboard
Melbourne Conservatorium of Music

Sight-Reading for Advanced Pianists is a tremendous resource for advanced and ambitious intermediate piano students in either private studio or tertiary settings. Underpinned by peer-reviewed research into the development of sight-reading skills, this text can be used as sequential material for a term’s coursework, or dipped into on a more informal basis.”
Dr Liam Viney, Director of Piano, School of Music, University of Queensland

Download samples

  Sight-Reading samples

 ISMN 9790720140650


So You Haven't Practiced, Let's Sight Read - Book 1 by Joanne Burrows


77 piano solos as the title implies - for early grades.
Graded pieces for students to learn in one week - Level - Beginner.
One of three albums.
Composed 2012
Download samples
So You Haven't Practiced Book 1 - sheet music


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 ISMN 9790720126982