Fandango by Ann Carr-boyd

Score and parts

Mandolins ensemble, c.5'00,  advanced playing technique.
A lively piece requiring precision ensemble playing comprising a main theme, a lyrical middle section and concluding shimmering chords. In many ways, the work has become a popular and easily recognised signature of the composer.
Composition date 1982.

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Fandango - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720159525


Illawarra Dances by John Peterson

Score and parts

Mandolin Orchestra, c.7'30
The music is in two main sections constructing melodies out of short repetitive fragments with energetic rhythmic ostinato patterns. Rhythmic impetus is one of the principal elements in Illawarra Dances. The rhythmic devices employed include the use of additive rhythms (alternating bars of 11/8 and 13/8) in the second main section of the piece that, along with the syncopated rhythms in the first section, continually propel the music along,
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Illawarra Dances - sheet music
 ISMN 9790720093901


Introduction and Foxtrot by Ann Carr-boyd

Score and parts

Mandolin ensemble quartet, c.6'40. 
The foxtrot is a dance which reached its height of popularity in the 1930s. The composer says, "In writing this piece, I first of all learned the steps of the foxtrot and listened to music created for it. The sounds remain wonderfully evocative and I have tried to re-create the mood, with its classical references combined with cheeky rhythms and colourful harmonies."inspired by the moods of a tabby cat, the music moves from sleepy to extremely lively.
Composition Date 1993 rev. 2011
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Introduction and Foxtrot - sheet music



Lament for Kosovo - Mandolin Ensemble by Betty Beath

Score and parts

For Mandolin Ensemble, c.5'0
The composer reflects: "The feelings that were uppermost in my heart and mind at that time [of writing this work] emerged in what I saw as a 'lament for Kosovo and for the suffering of all those involved in such conflicts around the world'."
Commissioned for the Sydney Mandolins, 1999. Performed here by Providence Mandolins, USA.
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Lament for Kosovo - Mandolin Ensemble
 ISMN 9790720078595


Land of the Long White Cloud by Ann Carr-boyd

Score and parts

Flute, accordion and mandolin orchestra - duration c. 6 minutes: competent playing technique.
An impressionistic work which evokes the hazy and changing shape of clouds by employing the unique tremolo sound of the mandolin orchestra. A contrasting middle section in 6/8 provides an interlude in a faster tempo. The work was commissioned for the 2011 Australasian FAME Festival in Auckland.

Date of composition 2010.


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Land of the Long White Cloud - sheet music

 ISMN 9790720159560


Mandolin Music by Ann Carr-boyd

Score and parts

Mandolin orchestral music, c.8'0. 

This colourful piece consists of a slow opening introduction followed by a fast-slow-fast section in traditional ternary form. Adrian Hooper describes it, from a performer’s aspect, as "a beautiful idiomatic work”. Composed 1981

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Mandolin Music - sheet music

 ISMN 9790720159577


Music for an Imaginary Italian Film by Ann Carr-boyd

Score and parts

Mandolin orchestral music, c.9'0. 
This imaginary Italian film showcases the classic ingredients of love, jealously and reconciliation with an enigmatic conclusion.  Composed 1986

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Music for an Imaginary Italian Film - sheet music


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 ISMN 9790720159621


Rag for Razz by Ann Carr-boyd

Score and parts

Mandolin ensemble, c.4'0. 

This work is part of a suite of six pieces originally written for solo mandolin. The suite was originally composed for Ann's cats, past and present. Razz is a current resident possessing many endearing characteristics. The piece reflects some of these characteristics through rapid scale passages and dark tonalities.T

Composed 2009


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Rag for Razz - sheet music

 ISMN 9790720159591


Suite for Solo Mandolin by Ann Carr-boyd


6 short pieces for solo Mandolin
The composer has endeavoured to make each piece interesting both in melody and rhythm.
Commissioned by the Australian Mandolin Music Association Inc. Perth, Western Australia, 2007
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1 Prelude for Luigi - sheet music
3 Tea for Tugger - sheet music
6 Fandango for Fifi - sheet music

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 ISMN 979


Though I travel far ... I do not forget by Betty Beath

score and parts

For mandolin ensemble, acoustic guitar and double bass. c.5'0
The work is expressive, coloured by cultural influences. It is a work offering opportunities for an appreciation of line; it is not too demanding technically or rhythmically and is harmonically very accessible. It is a simple work but one requiring sensitivity to balance between the individual groups engaged in its performance and to an exploitation of the wonderfully rich tones which the mandolin orchestra can provide.
Commissioned by the Australian Mondolin Music Assoc. Inc. 2008
ISMN: 979 0 720078 38 0
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Though I travel far ... I do not forget - sheet music


Under Sydney Skies (On Crests of Waves) by John Peterson

Score and parts

Mandolin Orchestra - (mandolin I, mandolin II, mandola, acoustic guitar, bass guitar (or double bass)
The use compound meter (12/8) and additive meter (13/8) throughout the piece is typical of the composer's compositional style and, in this work, creates a gentle rhythmic lilt that represents the motion of the waves on the harbour; while the sometimes wistful melodies attempt to evoke the beauty of both the natural (the water, the Botanic Gardens) and the urban (the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House) elements that combine to make this city such a memorable place.
This work was commissioned for the International Mandolin Festival Sydney 2008.
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Under Sydney Skies - sheet music
 ISMN 9790720078700


Way Out... by Ann Carr-boyd

Score and parts

Flute, Mandolin orchestral music, c.7'0. 

Way out... first appeared as a work for 8 violins and piano. The addition of a solo flute to the ensemble of plucked instruments meant that the flute became the inverted sustaining pedal. The opening is based on a chromatic harmonic progression and a halting crotchet and quaver rhythm. The flute then enters with its own singing melody. The middle section has a restrained march-like character, after which the original musical material returns.  Composed 2012

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Way Out... - sheet music

 ISMN 9790720159621