Lady Huang's Album by Diana Blom


Four pieces for double manual harpsichord, c.6'35
This piece is influenced by the music of the seven-string long Chinese zither, the ch'in.  
Composed 1984 rev 2007.
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 Lady Huang's Album - sheet music

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 ISMN 97907204106618


Pets 4 US by May Howlett

Score and parts

4 songs for soprano and piano and one song can include small ensemble of piano or harpsichord, flute or recorder and cello, c.14'00. Suggested Grade Advanced

In the composer's words; "Nursery rhymes and songs for children seem to have gone out of fashion, which makes me sad. As a child much younger than my sisters, I spent a great deal of time observing my pets and other creatures living in our garden, and I was intrigued by stories and songs about them. Or about fairies and other legendary creatures, especially “The Green-Eyed Dragon”, sung by international baritone, John Charles Thomas with all the gusto and imagination that made my eyes pop every time I heard it!

1 My Dog, c. 2'38;
2 The Littlest Dragon, c. 2'39;
3 The Cat. c.3'58;
4 Flutter by my Butterfly, 3'34.

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Pets 4 US - sheet music example


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Razzcat by Ann Carr-boyd


Solo harpsichord, c.3'30.
Composed 1972
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Razzcat - sheet music

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Suite for Véronique by Ann Carr-boyd

Score and parts

Harpsichord, c.9'30.  Composed 1982
A suite of five pieces with hints of Baroque, ragtime, jazz and blues
1   Prelude  [c.3:15]
2   A Little Rag  [c.3:55]
3   Ritornello I – Folk song “Esa noche”  [c.0:35]
4   Slow Step  [c.2:55]
5   Ritornello II – Folk song “Esa noche”  [c.0:45]

Part of the recent collection of 38 pieces for "Flying West" - and all recorded by Thoroughbass on a double CD available online Wirr 066
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Suite for Véronique - sheet music samples
1   Prelude  - audio
2   A Little Rag  - audio
3   Ritornello I – Folk song “Esa noche”  - audio
4   Slow Step  - audio
5   Ritornello II – Folk song “Esa noche”  - audio

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 ISMN 9790720151168


Tilting at Windmills by May Howlett

two scores

Two harpsichords, c.6:45, Advanced Grade
A little musical study on the concept of duality as perceived by Cervantes in his tale of the heroic, self-styled Knight-Errant, Don Quixote, and his ‘squire’, Sancho Panza.
The interplay between the Don’s majestic chords and the squire’s erratic scale passages referencing modal or folk motifs, form the fabric of their actual and imagined adventures
Composed 2016

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Tilting at Windmills - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790900979612