Australian Women Composers' Piano Anthology by various composers


Grades 4 - Dip.
15 piano works by Wirripang-published, Australian Women Composers 2014. 
Especially written and selected for this album as edited by Katie Zhukov and it includes a CD of each work recorded by Katie Zhukov. 
The aim of this new Australian Women Composers’ Piano Anthology is to provide a platform for both established as well as the emerging female composers. The new repertoire is written in a variety of styles (Classical, Romantic, 20h century and contemporary), and is suitable for intermediate-to-advanced students. 

1.    The Adventurous Platypus (Jenny Lee-Robins)  Grade 4, c.1'15
2.    Farewell (Jennifer Trynes) Grade 4, c.2'15
3.    Reflections in the Still Water (Barbara Durham) Grade 5, c.3'05
4.    Aslant a Brook (May Howlett) Grade 5, c.3'15
5.    Section 32 (Yvonne Barton-Leach) Grade 5, c.3'30
6.    Red Sky at Dawn (Joanne Burrows) Grade 6, c.3'50
7.    Raindrops (Carolyn Morris) Grade 6, c.3'25
8.    Triptych 3rd Movement (Christina Green) Grade 7, c1'20
9.    Soliloquy (Jocelyn E Kotchie) Grade 7, c.6'00
10.  Remnant (Nicole Murphy) Grade 8, c.3'25
11.  The Seduction of Andalucia (Amanda Handel) Grade 8, 4'10
12.  Retro Rag (Ann Carr-Boyd) Dip., c.5'45
13.  The Night Ship (Diana Blom) Dip., c.4'55
14.  Anywhere (Jane Hammond) Dip., c.5'10
15.  Music from a Quiet Place (Betty Beath) Dip, c.5'30

Download samples
The Adventurous Platypus - sheet music and audio
Farewell - sheet music and audio
Reflections in the Still Water - sheet music and audio
Aslant a Brook - sheet music and audio
Section 32 - sheet music and audio
Red Sky at Dawn- sheet music and audio
Raindrops - sheet music and audio
Triptych 3rd Movement - sheet music and audio
Soliloquy  - sheet music and audio
Remnant - sheet music and audio
The Seduction of Andalucia - sheet music and audio
Retro Rag - sheet music and audio
The Night Ship - sheet music and audio
Anywhere - sheet music and audio
Music from a Quiet Place - sheet music and audio







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Elsewhere by Nicole Murphy


Orchestral, c.10'0. Commissioned by Symphony Australia 2010.

Parts available on request Composed 2010

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Elsewhere - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720146935


Isa by Nicole Murphy

Score and parts

for two acoustic guitars in two movements, c.5'00
Composed 2014

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Isa I - sheet music and audio

Isa II - sheet music and audio


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 ISMN 9790720151112


Surface by Nicole Murphy

Score and parts

Viola and Piano, c.6'00
Composed 2012

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Surface - sheet music
Surface - audio

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 ISMN 9790720151106


Surface II by Nicole Murphy

Score and parts

Piano Trio, c.5'20
Composed 2013

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 Surface II- sheet music
 Surface II- audio


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Untangled by Nicole Murphy

Score and parts

Chamber ensemble, c.7'30
For flute, clarinet, vibraphone, piano, violin and violoncello.  Composed 2011

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Untangled - sheet music
Untangled - audio

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War Letters by Diana Blom, Larry Sitsky, Nicole Murphy, Elliott Gyger


New music commemorating WWI
Works by Elliot Gyger, Nicole Murphy, Larry Sitsky and Diana Blom and performed by Halcyon: Alison Morgan soprano, Jenny Duck-Chong mezzo soprano, Clive Birch bass, James Wannan viola, Kaylie Dunstan percussion, Jo Allan piano and Geoffrey Gartner conductor (tracks 1-5).

One doesn't have to dig too deeply to find that many people have a family connection to WWI, with stories of relatives who returned safely ... or did not.  Four Australian composers, representing four generations, were commissioned to set letters from WWI for new music ensemble Halcyon.  The thoughts, reflections and feelings expressed in these personal letters are as fresh today as they were 100 years ago.  War Letters brings into focus the day to day experiences of the men and women taken up by war.  From these personal memories we can reflect on the enormous impact the war, as it continues in our present lives, and truly empathise with those individuals who are speaking to us from both the past and the present.

Concert Program of Schools Presentation - Tuesday 10 November 2015, Ku-ring-gai Town Hall, Pymble

Concert Program for Public Audience - Saturday 7th November 2015, Ku-ring-gai Town Hall, Pymble

Review of CD by Music Teachers' Association  NSW - The Studio - February 2017

Wirr 074

Download samples

Un poilu australien - Elliott Gyger (2015)

1   August - November 1914
2   April 1915 - January 1916
3   April - June 1916
4   July 1916
5   August 1916
' Dearest Mother ...' - Nicole Murphy (2015)
6   Leaving Home
8   France
9   England
10 Letter from the Trenches - Larry Sitsky (2015)
Triptych (war letters) - Diana Blom (2015)

11  Gallipoli letter: Ellie (Frank Robinson)
 12  Vietnam diary: Great bloody Xmas break (David Wilkins)
 13  Afghan emails: Bread and kids (Andrew Hastie)